What Are Some of the Other Technologies In Which You Maintain An Expertise?

I've been fortunate to have led the development of products encompassing a broad array of technologies. Though I've been a senior manager for some time, I've stayed very close to technology fundamentals.

From my experience in mechatronics, I've developed expertise in
  • low cost/high performance optical and magnetic sensors
  • digital signal processing/reconstruction techniques (DSP/DSR) that make those sensors possible
  • analog and digital circuit design,
    • particularly for high reliability in hostile electrostatic discharge (ESD) environments.
  • On the mechanical side, injection molded low cost/long life/high reliability plastic parts.

Because I've led the development of numerous payment systems (paper currency, coins, credit cards and smart cards), data security is an area where I've had a deep technological engagement -- utilizing the latest in cryptography, biometrics, smart cards, etc. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies are closely adjacent to this space, and I've used them extensively both in checkout and inventory modes as well as on contactless smart cards. Because payment systems are becoming more geographically dispersed, I've also worked extensively in building both cellular and WiFi-based telemetry -- especially for unattended systems vending food, beverages and consumer products. The most notable effort was the development of a global monitoring and MRP system for Coca Cola that I detail in my resume.

Regardless of the application or its industry, systems communicate via the internet. I've worked extensively with the .NET framework since its inception in 2002 and with SQL platforms (SQL Server, Oracle, etc) for many years before that.

In all of these areas, I've been fortunate to have worked with top talent around the world and can quickly build or augment teams.

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