What Is Your Approach to Innovation?

Innovation is often thought of as a "Eureka!" moment in a lab -- and sometimes that happens. But to be consistent and sustainable, a rigorous process of innovation is essential.

I apply a repeatable and scalable process of innovation that transforms knowledge and ideas into products that succeed in the marketplace. This process begins by documenting the unmet needs of stakeholders from across customers’ enterprises -- often helping them articulate those needs when they don't initially have a clear view. I lead face-to-face workshops linking our company’s functional leaders with their customer counterparts to co-develop product specifications. With relationships in place across the customers' organizations, we can ask critical questions not asked by our competitors. For example, what would a customer's Operations chief tell us are among the most important properties of the new product we're envisioning? Or what would their CFO tell us? Often the answers are surprising, and it's that information that gives us the edge.

As Engineering develops the product, these joint teams review, revise and reshape the product through techniques such as Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC), focus groups, and jointly vetted, iterative prototypes – thus assuring the completed product “hits the mark” and minimizing much of the risk of New Product Development.

This immersive customer research enables us to win with customers and against the competition.

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