"Mechatronics" Is A Term You Use to Describe Many of Your Products. What Does That Mean?

"Mechatronics" is the marriage of high precision mechanical systems, electronic control systems, and embedded microcomputers. Such systems are typical in products ranging from printers to prosthetic limbs, from robotics to automotive systems, and so on.

Where I have added value is in bringing a "Systems Thinking" approach to "mechatronics." Systems Thinking is a framework that is based on the idea that the component parts of a system can best be understood in the context of relationships with each other and with other systems, rather than in isolation. A more detailed discussion is here. Among the benefits of a systems thinking approach is the elimination of "silos" between engineering disciplines where communication -- and thus innovation -- can falter. Product benefits are reduced cost (especially with respect to mechanical parts) and the increased reliability made possible by self-monitoring and self-adjusting techniques.

Much of mechatronic design relies on sensors, and I've built an expertise in low cost/high performance optical and magnetic sensors and in the digital signal processing/reconstruction techniques (DSP/DSR) that make them possible. Supporting that, I have long been involved in analog and digital circuit design, particularly for high reliability in hostile electrostatic discharge (ESD) environments. On the mechanical side, I've gained significant experience in injection molded low cost/long life/high reliability plastic parts.

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