What Is Your Career Objective?

I'm eager to join the Management Team of a company with a strong profit potential in a growing industry. I emphasize potential because I wouldn't preclude joining a company facing significant challenges. I've been part of turn-arounds in the past, and find that challenging and rewarding. I'm also open to consulting roles such as establishing Project Offices, improving engineering processes using LEAN techniques, and bringing "System Thinking" to product specifications.

In terms of industries, there's a broad palette that interests me. My background in mechatronics would be an ideal fit in medical devices. I am particularly interested in prosthetic limbs given that my experience in sensors and DSP could be a significant value-add in this arena. That same experience would also lend itself to robotics and factory automation. The combination of my background in cryptography and web application development supports work in secure systems of all kinds -- particularly health care information systems. That, coupled with my background in smart cards and biometrics, would support work in both identification and security systems -- and of course payment systems.

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